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Privacy policy

We are firm believers in privacy protection and committed to safeguarding it. Our goal is that you continue to entrust this platform with personal information. We by no means intend to sell your personal information that you have entrusted us or share it with third parties.

E-mail lists

Unsubscribing off our e-mail lists. Removing your e-mail address from our records is possible by following instructions at the bottom of any email we have sent you. Or we can remove your address upon request.

Subscriber information

You are free to share personal data (name, email address, address and telephone number) that allows us to identify you as an individual and we only share this information with third parties with your explicit consent.

Blog Comments

Any real email addresses used when commenting on the website will only be used to contact the commenters, and we will not share this email address with anyone else.


Any complaints, concerns or questions relating to this privacy policy should be directed to this email.

As a user of this platform you accept to the terms and conditions subject to the use of this site and any information provided is subject to our privacy policy which governs our collection and use of the same. Failure to agree to be bound by all these terms and conditions, please do not access this site.