Ten Simple Truths About Programmers

Some of the best creations today have upended the quality of our lives. Facebook, Whatsapp, Paypal, Twitter, Google, Apple, and Microsoft had shaken waters and made the world a fun place to be. All thanks to the efforts programmers have put towards filling the gaps in life In some way, they have helped recreate the world. These programmers were not the best of the best, but somehow they shot through rich masses, from the best of the best and changed our lives. If you are reading this, you need to know there are lots of things you might have gotten wrong about programmers and that this is the chance to see each of the wrongs through these ten simple truths about programmers.


  1. Programmers do not have to be prodigies

Every time I could ask someone what they do, and they say they are a programmer I could be fascinated and even think of them as superior beings with hugely tormenting talents. Staying with some of them in campus changed everything. Programmers just like other professionals have a code of conduct, job description, a passion for their job and improve their capabilities every day just like anyone else. Do not feel so little about yourself if you want to be a programmer; everything starts from somewhere.

  1. Programmers did not start doing this in their childhood

I know of some of people who start programming at the beginning of high school only to end become the best at the end of high school and fully passionate and talented at the end of grad school. It has never been late for any person who is alive to try something and be good at it. If you feel you have the desire, the energy and the will to start now, starting right away is exactly what am advising you to do.

  1. Programmers do not need a degree to actually to do it

Some of the best professionals in various fields have learned from real professionals. An example is attending boot camps, talent shows, evening classes at the nearest art center can ignite the fire you need to become a good programmer. Learning by apprenticeship can make you the best of a programmer you want to become.

  1. Programmers do not need serious math skills

Some programmers can find their way through the most formidable of websites and software without shading a sweat of math. An amateur programmer has a simple understanding of basic algebra, logic and problem-solving thinking.  Above all take your time, be patient and perfect on the art.

  1. Programmers do not need to understand the best of languages of a computer

No language in programming is bigger and better than the other. You can understand all of it and ever in a day use it. I am trying to say we use languages for certain purposes; if you want to live in  France, you need to start learning French and good at it, the same applies for programmers know the language that will get you what you want.

  1. Programmers have a job waiting for them

Life is about creating opportunities, sit and wait, and you will see nothing but old age arriving fast. Being a programmer is one of the best of abilities you can possess, create your ways of surviving the market as a programmer, cut niche, create your job and maximize productivity.

  1. Going to graduation is not the end for programmers

Nobody leaves their skill at the graduation grounds and walks home empty-handed. All you have been involved in is right within you, wherever you go, it follows. Programmers continue programming after graduation; it is their life, this is what they have been doing for the most of their life.

  1. Programmers learn every day

Creativity is a product of an open mind. A good programmer learns every day. You cannot assume that you are done learning and expect to compete, your edge comes from the everyday improvement of the skills of programming.

  1. Programmers do not work solo

After boot camp or wherever you are studying and perfecting your programming you will work in groups. Man is a product of more than one person. Programmers learn from each other, leasing a space and always doing it together makes you smarter, faster and well informed, before you know it, you are a group of self-made impact making programmers.

  1. Programmers always prepare

Never in a day should you start a program without a plan. Just having it all in your head is not enough, strategy and preparation is an important part of every creation. Preparation is the mother of perfection, and a good programmer prepares, you will not miss on details when you prepare.

Now you know the truth. If you are at the beginning, and have no work experience and looking for ideas, here are some useful computer science projects for resume.

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