Tech Paperman. How Did I Get Into IT?

Every great dream begins with dreaming, and I have always admired IT personnel. Sitting in front of the computer and doing all that IT entails. Developing a passion for learning is always the first step to never ceasing to grow. With passion taking the lead, I desired to pursue IT for the following reasons;

  • Opportunities and variety

With information technology being a field which is rapidly evolving, the majority of the modern businesses and companies are always looking for people who possess the knowledge and skills on how to handle IT activities within the workplace. A wide range of opportunities exists that come with pursuing IT which include network administration, media, and digital technologies, technical support, and web technologies applications software among many others.

Another exciting aspect why I pursued IT is because of its ability to overlap with a lot of industries, meaning it is possible to find work in any sector of interest with endless possibilities.

  • Growth

IT is not a static industry, and new opportunities are always opening up every single day in the field and related fields. One can choose to pursue different computing, and IT courses after graduation to expand their skills and knowledge. With technical support being ideally the right career for you as an IT personnel, studying further opens more roles for you to become a professional consultant, software engineer, and IT coordinator among many roles.

  • Challenges

I have always loved challenges, and doing something that would make me solve every problem people encounter was a delight for me; which is what you do once you become a technology professional. Facing the challenges is what brings out the best in me. With the mind of problem-solving and creativity, I always wanted to respond with innovative solutions to the technical problems of a workforce. My desire to positively impact the success of the workplace was thus best fulfilled by pursuing IT.

  • Value and money

Technology professionals are in high demand with how technology has underpinned the success of very many companies. With digitalization, its problems within the workplace must be solved by professionals who are talented in technology. The demand translates into a potential earning consideration being that the more the work gets difficult, the more it is valued. IT requires specific experience and skills, and its professionals comprise the most-well paid employers in companies.

  • Satisfaction

Contentment and satisfaction matter a lot when it comes to working. Contentment gives you the more reason to keep working better. The fact that an IT personnel is always helping people solve problems, in one way or another gives me a lot of satisfaction. It assures me that my work is not in vain. The desire for satisfaction has therefore been a big step in leading me into IT. Being a developer as well creates solutions for all kinds of needs.

  • Innovation and research

I am passionate about research and innovation and sure beyond a reasonable doubt that being in IT is the right place. The field is always focused on the improvement of our daily lives and breaking boundaries. Whether one is onGet into IT the support side or creative side, the career will ever expose them to new concepts and developments.

The above reasons are majorly why I got into IT. Motivation and support from friends and family also aid to my decision of pursuing IT, and I have never regretted being in the field. It gives me the work satisfaction I have always desired to have. True what they say; do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life!


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