Proven IT Sources

Information Technology is a broad field to research about. Getting it right requires you to be savvy with where to source important IT information, below is a list of proven IT sources you can always quickly rush to when you need to research for something on Information Technology:

  1. UC Libraries at­­­

This page is under the management of the Clermont College and the University of Cincinnati. Here you will get information typically on anything. The online library is rich of IT research sources from government documents, interviews, diaries, letters, both audio and video recordings, news articles, and many more. You can get this information on its Information Technology section.

  1. The University of Pittsburg Library at

This library is under the control of the University of Pittsburg in Oakland. For information of IT, check their Information Technologies section. The section is rich of sources of IT information from past to current. You can contact the IT librarian, or login vide the website above to access any information required.

  1. ACM Digital Library

This online library is impressively easy to use. Most libraries use this Online Public Access page. The ACM Digital provides you with a digital search box. Here you type any information you are looking for. In this case, looking for information on IT is made easy; searching gives you many options to choose from. You will have access to a digital copy of the book right from where you are sitting.

  1. The Stanford University Library at

In this page, you will get access to market research reports that surround the Information Technology industry. For a person that is planning on IT investments, this is the place to go.

  1. EBSCO

This source supports the development of a career in information technology. Its section “IT source” is rich with information on codes of the field on Information technology and can be hugely relied on by professionals across the Information Technology Industry.

  1. Science Direct

This page is rich in IT journals and books. With the name of the author, issue, book or journal title, one can source for IT information on their computers just with a simple press of the button. There are more proven IT sources, but the list above should get going with most of your IT research.