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Have You Ever Felt Like a Paper Toy?

A family is one of the masterpieces of nature, not just important, but everything. The memories we make with our parents, siblings and the entire family at large are what makes life interesting. It is the best answer after being overwhelmed by work. If there is anything I could wish for right now, it is to see my family.

Being away from home brings feelings of loneliness, I miss being surrounded by my siblings and neighbours’ kids. No meal is better than that prepared by the family. If only I could get to be home and enjoy the delicious meals that never run out. There is always food in the fridge, and one would never go hungry. What even makes it more interesting is eating together as a family. The stories we share, the fun, and multiple rounds of plate servings; this is not to say we lack table manners.

Having your family around you is the best feeling ever. It always feels great sharing with them. True what they say; there is no better friend than a sibling. One can confide in them about anything, and they are always there to support you. I miss this kind of support, especially with my work overflow. Somebody bring my family to me.

Being busy with work, one hardly finds the time to jog their minds by playing with their close friends. I miss playing with my family and friends; both indoor and outdoor. There is peace at home which brings contentment to the heart. It is true that the older you grow, you begin to appreciate your family more than ever before.

There is something about sleeping in your home bed. Somehow, this sleep is the best that one can ever have. I miss the nights my siblings clash at my bed. The company I get while arranging my clothes, cleaning my room, and all the joy that fills my heart as long as my family is around. This house feels empty without my adorable acquaintances.

Advice from family is the best one can ever get. They are always on the front foot wanting the best for you. Guidance to do with work, life, love, and all aspects of life is always provided. Right now, I am in great need of some advice about issues in my life which seem to overwhelm me. Should I call them? Well, there is a great affection and care that accompanies being with my family as I get the advice.

A family is always fun. I miss the late night movies with my family. The days we sleep so late, some sleeping off and spending their night in the sitting room. The time to wake them up is always the best. I sometimes become a victim. I cannot remember the last time I watched a movie or anything for that matter. Because my mind is always full of things to do.

The best company one can ever keep is family. And as I write this, I feel lonely. Family accompanies you to the shop, to school, to the movies, to the game, everywhere you can think of. Being around your family makes you feel safe, and makes you realize that you not only have a family but have friends who are always there for you, and this is the exact kind of feeling I miss.

I need my family around me, and I do not want to make them feel as if I have neglected them, a family is a group of friends for life. I must soon take some time off work and everything to visit my family.


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