About AI and Coding

For about a decade, there have been talks about Artificial Intelligence, steps towards the human acting robot machine have sparked curiosity. Some people feel that the AI could be taking their jobs, but interestingly more other people have been asking around about AI and even have a feeling it is an important creation. People have even gone ahead to join programming camps to learn how coding is done. Below is a list of frequently asked questions about AI and Coding:

Why does the world need Artificial Intelligence?

Technologies like the internet came and changed the lives of people; we can even go on and on to talk about the social media from Facebook to WhatsApp, the same could be the case for Artificial Intelligence. AI works basically on a concept that a computer learns from usual human activities and goes ahead to perform the same tasks without the need to be told to do so. If this is the case, the errors of man could be something not to worry about, like business losses, health missteps, and educational system mistakes.

Has the AI been applied anywhere?

Artificial Intelligence is past its formative steps. Many companies recognize that it is the future. They have even embellished most of their programs to allow for a section of AI. It would take time, but you will be surprised by the organizations that have put their money on AI. Just recently, Google had a go with the AI technology; they have come up with AI products, for instance, its AI assistant, which handles calls and reservations. Other corporations like IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Alibaba, and Tencent are making steps towards creating AI products and solutions for their platforms. Soon AI products will be available in the market.

What is the role of coding in Artificial Intelligence?

Coding is a section of programming. Programming builds executable programs for a computer than when a command is given the PC can handle given tasks. Coding involves the language of programming. Coding converts the logic into a language a computer, in this case, the one in an Artificially Intelligent machine can easily understand.