AI Is Here. The Moral Side of Anthropoid Robots

History of technology started with computers as a personal tool. Computers have made work easy, faster and more effective. Today, every single office and home is trying to embrace technology, one word is evident is the computer. It repeats itself repeatedly. Occasionally, we find ourselves in a state whereby we cannot avoid this vital tool; it has even come in different shapes and sizes including portability. The computer has been applied in many, and for the past decade, we have heard about AI in other words, Artificial Intelligence. This’s not just an essay about artificial intelligence but my attempt to figure out.

Artificial Intelligence, AI

AI is the ability of a machine to emulate or imitate what a human being can do. Artificial Intelligence is making its way into every industry and there have been cries all over that they may deny people jobs. It could be true or not; TV never replaced newspapers, airplanes never replaced trains, computers did not replace books. The coming of Artificial Intelligent machines like Anthropoid robots has a moral side to it:

Anthropoid robots are honest

Life has gotten so challenging that even the holiest of souls have resorted to dishonest behavior. I can think of many reasons companies are facing losses because of employee theft and fraudulent workplace behavior. With an Anthropoid robot, your fear will never be the integrity of the device. It cannot take a bribe for example; it will not channel money to shell companies in some deserted island in the Bahamas. I think of Anthropoid robots installed in government offices, and I do not worry about the quality of service it will give to a citizen.

Patience is a character of AI robots

Man is an impatient being, this is not absolute, man can be patient and often, and man cannot wait. Most of the products manufactured in our factories in some sick days turn out not be ready. Could processes were not complete, the shift was over and could not wait to step even the product got to its final step. Artificial Intelligence and most of technologies hotshots are patient tools. An Anthropoid like any other computer depends on programmes; if I say the process will take 30 minutes, the Anthropoid will give me that 30 minutes no plus or minus a second, how diligent? Anthropoid is a promise of quality good and quality service.


Artificial Intelligence as defined is the ability of machines to emulate human behavior and activity. Anthropoid Robots are not an exception. Right from the manual, wherever the user could be sitting, he or she knows that this perfect device can do it for me. Once set for activity, there is no probability of walking out for a call. No job will stop for a message reply, in the case this device could be used in office, I’d expect that in future I won’t miss out on a significant job arrangement because the Anthropoid Robot will remind me.


Speed is essential in some of the critical processes of life like medicine and security. Man fears the existence of Anthropoid robots because they could be faster and more efficient than they. Am thinking of a patient that just lost a life because a surgeon missed something or looked away to ask for a needle. Am thinking of a device that can help to maintain public security and the Anthropoid robot is the one with the speed and energy to do it.


Information is power, data can be collected by man and could undergo many changes so that one hides something or protects their job. The case is entirely different for AI Anthropoid Robots, am thinking with all the speed this device can provide accurate and unaltered information which could be of importance to society.

The above are but a few. Anthropoid cannot be termed as a way to kill jobs am looking at this technology, and I see every good thing about it.

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