5 Types of Part-Time Jobs for College Students

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24 of the Best Part-Time Jobs for University Students

Working while studying at university is a great way to get your professional career started and cover your living expenses. Several job opportunities offer flexibility and financial stability for university students while still allowing time to focus on school. To choose the best part-time job, you need to know what options are available. In this article, we explore the factors to consider while searching for the best part-time jobs for university students and offer a list of potential opportunities.


You need to consider the proximity of the job to your school. This is to ensure you can commute between school and work efficiently. You might also want to consider remote jobs as they save even more time and eliminate the commute entirely.


It is essential to find a job with flexible work hours to fit your course schedule. This is vital to ensure you can meet up with your coursework as you work. It also allows you to have enough time to prepare for assessments and exams when the need arises. So, you might want to apply for low-stress positions that require minimal work hours and allow work-school balance.

Skill development

You can add your part-time university jobs to the work experience section of your resume when applying for work after you graduate. So, you might want to consider choosing jobs that allow you to develop and improve on skills relevant to your career path. For instance, if your course of study is marketing, getting a job as a customer service representative is a great idea.

Retail and marketing positions

Retail jobs include local boutiques, e-commerce, and social media. Working in a brick-and-mortar shop can provide you with valuable human and workplace skills that can be used later in your professional career. Likewise, working in an online position will equip you with technical skills like business analysis that can enhance your resume and gain an advantage over your competitors when applying for a job in your preferred field.

Many brands rely on social media to garner business and recognition and are outsourcing this work to online candidates. If you have social media skills like content creation on YouTube or Instagram, apply for part-time social media management roles.

If you enjoy getting in front of a camera to promote certain products, submit your resume for brand ambassador positions to increase brand awareness and sales revenue during your own time. This role averages about $17.23 an hour and presents an excellent opportunity to start a career in marketing, entrepreneurship, or advertising [1].

Additionally, if you have an impressive social media presence of your own, reach out to different companies’ marketing or advertising teams to offer them your content creation services and rates. This approach requires more time and effort on your part, but it can greatly help you generate income and build your online reputation.


7. Babysitter

While babysitting is not always the most steady job, it has the potential to be very high paying. If you’re good with kids and don’t mind sitting in elementary school carpool lines or watching Nickelodeon, babysitting may be the best part-time job for you.

The biggest challenge to babysitting is finding consistent work. While hourly wages for babysitting are typically high, opportunities can be few and far between. Babysitting one night a week won’t be enough to live off of. But, if you’re able to find multiple clients, you’ll start raking in the dough.

The best way to find babysitting jobs is to network. Ask around. Let your friends, family, and former professors know that you’re looking to babysit. You could also check bulletin boards on campus and in local coffee shops and restaurants. Additionally, there are websites, such as SitterCity, that post babysitting jobs in and around your community.

9. Freelance writer

If you’re a journalism or English major, or just love to write, you may want to consider freelance writing. There are always companies in need of freelance writers. Find a subject or topic that interests you and search for opportunities! Several websites, including FreelanceWriting.com and MediaBistro.com, list available opportunities.

Freelance writing is great for a variety of reasons. The first is flexibility. Typically, employers only give you deadlines. That way, you can independently choose when and where to work. The second reason is that freelance writing looks great on your resume. Employers are always looking for great writers and communicators. Having freelance experience under your belt can help you secure a full-time position after college.



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