From a small town in Us Indiana, my first serious job was facilitating electronic exchange of contracts and signed documents and found my way to IT.

Truth be told, I often see myself as a paperman. I love to be in control of things perhaps why I can resonate with technology so well.

My love for IT is more of an addiction. I mean isn’t technology great. We live in an incredible era of remarkable convergence, connectivity and integration. Technology has shaped nearly every aspect of how we live today.

My other fascination is in Artificial Intelligence where machines work and react more like humans and more so in anthropoids robots. Indeed, there so much to expect where we even start to draw the thin line of where the human ends and robot begins as most entities are embracing the use of Artificial Intelligence in simplifying mundane tasks.

Though with the dynamics especially with technology you may still find me a bit resistant to change. But aren’t we all as long as we are used to a certain way of doing things, a place to eat, a particular way of living and even certain application speaking in matters technology. I keep buying the same pants and T-shirts over and over perhaps for convenience sake.